The aliens have landed

December 25th, 2012

Kelham Island Museum

This marvellous contraption, which I think comes somewhere between R2-D2 and H.G Wells’s Martian machines, is part of the exhibition of steelmaking equipment at Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield.

A note for any serious photographers amongst you: I captured this in very limited light at ISO 1600 on my Lumix GH2. I’m becoming increasingly fond of the micro-four-thirds system, but the sensor on this body, though generally very good, isn’t always at its best in low-light conditions when compared to recent DSLRs. I didn’t quite get what I wanted when processing this photo in Lightroom.

But after seeing a couple of references to it recently especially in the context of high-ISO images, I tried the free Rawker utility to do the initial RAW conversion, and was very pleased with the noticeable improvement. I saved it out as a TIFF and then imported that into Lightroom for final adjustment. I wouldn’t do this for all my photos – not least because the intermediate TIFF is 128 MB – but doing a side-by-side comparison with the one imported directly does show a noticeable improvement. This may be down to default settings more than the converter itself, but you might find Rawker worth investigating for important images.

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5 Responses to “The aliens have landed”

  1. Geoff Says:

    The good old Bessemer Convertor, reminds me of my youth in the steelworks up there :-)

  2. qsf Says:

    Ah – yes – Bessemer Converter – that’s it. That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. School chemistry classes, I think…

  3. Dave Hodgkinson Says:

    Chemistry? Harry Hargreaves :)

    You should get a Gorillapod and run a long exposure.

  4. qsf Says:

    Oooh… :-)

    Actually, I’ve got (and love) a Gorillapod. But I don’t often take it to Christmas parties – which is where I was when I popped outside and snapped this…

  5. qsf Says:

    Perhaps I should get a Canon 6D instead :-)

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