Monthly Archives: March, 2016

Delicate surgery

Got a spare tree stump lying around? Here’s an idea that just involves a little delicate chainsaw work…

Found on Facebook. Shared in the free world.

What every traveller needs…

My next project will solve a fundamental design flaw which exists in many otherwise comfortable houses, hotels and B&Bs: something that causes fear and trembling first thing in the morning, however peaceful a night you may have had.

This world-changing invention will be a compact telescopic rod, with a handle at one end and a rubber-coated three-pronged tripod-like fork at the other. It will be lightweight and inexpensive. It could even be a Kickstarter project. It will have just one simple function.

It will allow you to turn on a shower, and get it up to temperature, without having to stand underneath it.

Temps perdu

I do like firing up my RSS reader from time to time. Reading articles and blog posts, which may, in turn, be carefully-considered responses to other articles and blog posts.

It’s like Facebook, but for grown-ups.

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