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Using the Sony Reader PRS500 with the Mac

Yesterday, finding myself in Palo Alto, I took advantage of the current UK/US exchange rates to buy myself a new toy in Fry’s. It’s the Sony PRS – the Portable Reader System – which is a bit like a giant read-only PalmPilot that uses the new e-Paper type display. It’s designed to be a replacement Continue Reading

Using the Sony eBook Reader with a Mac

About a year ago I wrote about my experiments with getting a Sony PRS500 Reader talking to my Mac. Quietly, over that time, it’s been getting easier, as Kovid Goyal has turned his rather unexcitingly-named libprs500 from a basic command-line utility to a full-featured GUI application, which can do things like capture RSS feeds and Continue Reading

iRex digital reader

Slowly but surely, e-paper-based digital book readers are going from strength to strength. I’ve written before about the Iliad and several times about my Sony PRS. iRex have now released their Digital Reader series – ‘the largest, yet thinnest e-reader ever’ – with a 10.2-inch display, and 1024×1280 resolution. Starting at £469, though – that’s Continue Reading

Paper post

It’s nearly a year since I started wondering about this as a way of combining my paper and electronic worlds. Then I came across the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners, but certain recent events made me consider one more seriously, and after reading enthusiastic reviews by several owners I decided it was worth trying. The default modus Continue Reading

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