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What is this strange exotic mix of natural textures flowing past the domed obstruction?


And the answer is…. chicken wire!

At least, it’s a fence post to which chicken wire is attached. I photographed it twice using a macro extension tube in the low winter morning light, then stitched the two halves together before doing a reasonably high-contrast conversion to black and white.

Here’s a more conventional view taken a bit later from further away – using the same lens, as it happens, but without the macro tube.

Silver and bronze


Cycling in the light


A shot from this morning’s dog-walk to complete my ‘Frosty Grantchester’ triptych!

Running in the light


From another frosty Grantchester dog-walk…

Walking in the light…

Walking in the light

This morning on a frosty Grantchester Meadows.

In the Beechwoods


Yesterday morning’s dog walk.

Speed dial


I bought this old copper telephone in a Delft antique shop many years ago. I think it’s probably Belgian or French and dates from around the 30s. I re-wired it to work on the UK phone network – not very well, I must admit – but the ringer was a pleasing sound. However, it’s many years now since we had a landline, and it’s just been gathering dust, so I’ve been taking some photos before putting it on eBay.

I can’t help feeling, though, that there must be a lot of history behind this shot. What did those labels mean to whomever wrote them? Whom did they call, what did they talk about? It has a few bumps and scratches, and I wonder where and when it got them? In some office move during the war, perhaps?

How fun it would be to have a time machine…

Rule of Thirds




Cregennen Lakes, Wales

Damp delights

A snowdonia waterfall

North Wales is very moist. But very pretty.

Last orders

Beddgelert, Snowdonia

Beddgelert, Snowdonia

The fens are alive with the sound of moosic

Yesterday we attended a rehearsal of the famous Grantchester Bovine Acapella Trio.


Actually, they were trying to reach this particularly tasty tree which was growing just a bit too far out over the river.

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