The paperclip-less office

I’ve just realised why the concept of ‘the paperless office’ is fundamentally flawed. Inherently self-contradictory. Can’t possibly work.

If our ever-more sophisticated electronic gadgetry finally produces a really attractive reading and writing medium, we may live in a world without paper. Without staplers and punches. Without paperclips. It will seem wonderful for a while.

And then what will we use to press the little recessed reset buttons on those gadgets when they go wrong?

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Ah, but as we continue to use ever small mobile gadgets our fingers will eventually evolve into long, narrow rods so as to better cope with miniscule keyboards. They’ll also be handy for hitting reset buttons.

Of course, we’ll have to wait for evolution to catch up, so in the interim period I suggest a “break glass in case of BSOD” box fitted in every office and home.

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