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The sound of music

John has a post quoting some interesting stats about Apple’s iPod & other sales. More than 100M iPods sold, and going up fast!

Meanwhile, over on All About Symbian, Ewan Spence points out that 80M smartphones, capable of music and video, were sold in the last 12 months alone, half of them by Nokia. It may well be the case, I guess, that Nokia has sold more music-playing devices than Apple.

So the interesting question is why people don’t use their phones for that purpose? Because the sound quality isn’t so good? I doubt that’s always the case. Because they don’t come with stereo headphones? Because the Swiss Army knife approach to gadgets doesn’t really work? Because they’re not tied into iTunes and convenient syncing?

I’ve had several phones capable of playing MP3s but never even tried it. That is perhaps Apple’s greatest achievement.


Michael set off from his native Lilliput and drove up North to Brobdingnag, where he parked his car next to one belonging to a native.

Nice picture.

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