Roaming with Bluetooth

Well, almost! We’ve been spending the last week in this rather sweet, early-18th-century cottage in the Lake District:

Church Cottage, Far Sawrey

There is, of course, no such thing as broadband here, and almost no phone line. There is cellphone coverage outside in places, but the walls, which are nearly three feet thick, stop it penetrating into the house. I found, however, that I could get a phone signal if I sat on one of the window-sills, which are quite nice spots for telephoning but a little cramped for using a laptop.

Fortunately, of course, with Bluetooth, I don’t have to be right beside the phone. So I’m typing this while sitting on the sofa in front of a blazing fire, and uploading it via a phone which is perched in the window just to the right of the door.

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