Daily Archives:April 22nd, 2005

The PowerBook Sudden Motion Sensor

The very latest (2005) PowerBooks have a motion sensor built in to them. It will park your hard disk heads if you drop or bump the machine. But that’s not all it can be used for….

More on Adobe & Macromedia

I mentioned the Adobe/Macromedia merge a few days ago. There’s a nicely sarcastic translation by John Gruber of the FAQ that Adobe issued about the merger.

PDF Services

I’m often worried these days that something I see and find interesting on the web won’t be available if I ever go and look for it again, or it’ll be in some premium-rate archive and I’ve never yet stumped up the money for any of those. (Publishers, are you listening?)

Mac users, of course, can capture anything as a PDF using the built-in facilities of the Print dialog. But if you want to start doing some really nice things with your PDF files, you want to play with PDF Services, a little-known but rather handy feature of Mac OS X. This MacWorld article will get you started, and there’s more information on Apple’s site here.

The potential of this is starting to come home to me as I play more with a preview of Tiger, which will instantly index the text in any document you save to your disk. Including PDFs. It may not be long before I automatically capture the image of every web page I read.

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