ScanR – image services by email

ScanR is a lovely service. Take a picture of a document, whiteboard or business card with your digital camera or mobile phone. Email it to ScanR:

  • to if it’s a whiteboard image – you’ll get back a nice clean PDF version
  • to if a document – you get back a clean PDF that has supposedly been OCRed – the OCR didn’t really work for me, though the image was good.
  • to if it’s a business card, and you get back not just an image but a .vcf file as well, which you can just double-click to put into your address book. On the card I tried, the text was OCRed perfectly but not put into the correct fields – however, all the data was there in the comments section, so I could find the card by searching for any of it, and copy and paste it into the right fields if wanted.

The nice thing, of course, is that you can do all of this directly from your phone. If you have a phone with a camera in it, which at present I don’t…

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