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PocketMac update

If you’re a Mac user and a Blackberry user, you might like to know that there’s an update to the free PocketMac software which syncs the two. You can get it from the Blackberry.com site.

This is still far from perfect – in particular, it corrupted my Mac address book the first time I ran it, perhaps because the Blackberry went to sleep in the middle – I’m not sure. I strongly suggest you backup your Address Book and iCal before trying it for the first time – they both have easy backup options in their menus. I restored them, and did a one-way synchronisation, overwriting the Blackberry, which took a phenomenally long time.

Since then, it’s been fine, if not speedy, and it has a lot of features not in the earlier version. Most important for me is the ability to have just a subset of your calendars on the Blackberry – vital if you subscribe to many calendars belonging to your friends and family.

Networked scanner and Mac OS X

HP Officejet 3330In the corner of my home office, there sits an HP OfficeJet 3330. I’m rather fond of this beast – it has provided us with a copier, scanner, fax and laser printer (albeit b&w) at home for a very reasonable price, and has never given us any trouble. There’s a JetDirect box stuck to the back so that it’s on the network and we can print to it from any machine in the house.

As an aside – I never realised just how useful having a copier at home could be until I got one. Here’s an example: I occasionally like going for longish walks around the Cambridgeshire countryside on Sunday afternoons. I used to stuff a guide book in one pocket and an Ordnance Survey map in another. Now, I just photocopy a couple of pages and the relevant bit of the map. Much easier to deal with in rain or a high wind…

Anyway – the HP software is laughably bad, but we normally only need the printer driver which works just fine. Occasionally, though, I need to scan things. I forget whether there was no HP Mac software which worked with networked scanners, or whether it was so bad that I abandoned it, but for years I’ve been using the web interface to do any scanning. Not very flexible or convenient, but it worked.

Today, however, Dave Hill showed me a much better way, albeit rather more complex to set up. Those who are unlikely to want to try this should probably move on to John’s blog at this point!

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