Blackberry and TomTom

Yesterday I updated my Blackberry 7100t to v 4.1 of the OS. I also updated the OS on my TomTom Go 500. One, or other, or the combination, means that I can now use the TomTom as a hands-free kit for the Blackberry, something which wasn’t possible before. This posting will probably be of very little interest to anybody not Googling for ‘TomTom Blackberry’!

The Blackberry update is not generally available yet, but one provider, Hong Kong CSL, had a version for the 71xx series. You can find links here. Note the bit about deleting vendor.xml . There are few obvious benefits on the surface, but quite a few under the skin. One thing I haven’t yet managed, though, is to use the BB as a modem for my Mac 🙁

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Can I use my BB to navigate, as some Nokia models, with Tomtom?

You mean using TomTom software on your Blackberry? Not that I know of, but there are some other companies that provide navigation software for Blackberries. Here’s one, for example.

Checkout this new website. you can download free tomtom voices, splash screens, map colors etc.


My company is changing cell phone standard – going to the Blackberry 7130e. I am trying to determine if TomTom Navigator 6 with a bluetooth GPS unit will work for that case. Any ideas? The note at the top leads me to believe that there might be some hope.

Not sure about the 71xx series, but the 8830 works great with the Mac. Bluetooth tethering without having to install any software.

We got my Mum a Garmin and it’s not only fast, but a doddle to use. My only complaint is the pricy map updates (here in the UK), however, I am sure they will catchup with Google/TomTom and offer a new mapping model to cater for the social media generation who heart crowd sourced data. 🙂

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