The Bluetooth truth hurts

[Original Link] David Berlind tells it like it is. Bluetooth is great when it works, but more often than not, it doesn’t. One of the follow-up comments says, “Bluetooth is destined to be the Edsel of IT…”. And another, “…at some point we have to take stock and decide whether it is worthwhile to continue investing in an architecture that has taken so long to deliver so little”. Sad, but true. It works flawlessly for me but only in one specific situation: connecting my Mac to one of the small number of Apple-approved Ericsson phones.

I’ve written about this before: I linked to an osOpinions article and also to a BusinessWeek article, among others. The BW article has now disappeared behind a pay-for-access barrier. So I’m likely to link to them in future about as often as I try linking to my Bluetooth headset.

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