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It’s good to be back

We’re spending a week around Christmas in a cottage in the Lake District.

It’s very wet, very windy, and as beautiful as ever.

Poetic Landscape


Grasmere, from Helm Crag, this evening. It’s good to be back.

Click photo for larger version.

Change of season


The Fairfield Horseshoe, from Clappersgate.

This is supposed to be an excellent walk, but I’ve never done it. It’s on the list, perhaps when it’s a bit less snowy!

Portrait of a tree


In the grounds of Wray Castle, Windermere. I thought each of the main branches had different and interesting characters.

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Well, that was a surprise…

If you saw my photos from yesterday, you’ll understand why we were surprised to wake up this morning to this:


and this:


Very pretty, though:


By the afternoon, the weather had returned to something closer to what we expected:


Photos often don’t, however, tell you anything about the wind, which was, at times, somewhat dramatic!


All peaceful now, though.


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