And so the silly season starts…

I can’t really believe that the American public would be seriously concerned that Mitt Romney can speak French.  If Newt Gingrich really picked this as a reason to lambast him, it should presumably disqualify Gingrich, not Romney, from office.

Now, I know little of either of them, but if you want to pick on Romney, I would have thought that his belief in – nay, his missionary zeal for – a man who gained inspiration from magic stones in the bottom of his hat at the start of the 19th century, would be a better target.  Surely that’s even more worrying than being friendly with Frenchies?

But, of course, that’s religion, so it’s taboo…



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Magic underwear!

The Republican candidates are all bonkers one way or another. Don’t you follow all the crap I post on Facebook? This is a good matrix of the assorted stupidities:

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