Using nginx as a load-balancing proxy with the Docker service-scaling facilities

There’s a geeky title for you! But it might help anyone Googling for those keywords…

Recent versions of Docker have many nice new facilities. Here’s a demo of how you can use the service-scaling to run multiple instances of your app back-end, and Nginx as a front-end proxy, while keeping track of them using the round-robin DNS facility built in to the Docker engine.

All demonstrated in a few lines of code on my laptop, using the new Docker for Mac.

Also available on YouTube.

With thanks to Jeppe Toustrup for some helpful hints. Have a look at his page for more detailed information. Also see the Docker channel on YouTube for lots of talks from the recent DockerCon.

Update, spring 2017: Do note that if you’re using Docker Swarm, you may want to adopt a more complex approach, perhaps based on Interlock.

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really like to follow along with you. It was great learning experience.
Thanks for taking the time and showing your Youtube followers some docker tricks.

Thanks for tips. I’m new for docker and your video helps a lot with it !

Thank you very much! Your video is very complete, your explanations very clear and the content very, very interesting.

I was searching an easy way to balance servers with docker, and you give me one very simple and clear.

Only an extra question: exists the possibility to automate the containers creation or deletion depending of the load level???

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