Using the Sony eBook Reader with a Mac

Sony eBook readerAbout a year ago I wrote about my experiments with getting a Sony PRS500 Reader talking to my Mac.

Quietly, over that time, it’s been getting easier, as Kovid Goyal has turned his rather unexcitingly-named libprs500 from a basic command-line utility to a full-featured GUI application, which can do things like capture RSS feeds and format them for the Sony. It still has some quirks, but is well-worth checking out, and it runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Angry consumer/confused reader

My only question about this post is… WHY? Why did you feel the need to create this post. It’s barely a paragrapgh long.

This post is ridiculous. It is named in a way that I, and others, would infer means it gives an explanation of how to get these two products to work correctly. Instead it just tells me to read another post of the writers and then says that somebody has created a program that lets you put stuff on the Sony Reader. This exact information is found everywhere else on the internet so WHY did you have to post this? What’s so different about your post?

On another note, Kovid Goayal’s application is great, but is there no program that actually allows me the consumer to buy an ebook straight from Sony?!?

My only question about this comment is… WHY? It doesn’t really merit a response, but in the interest of education, here are some things you may not have considered:

  • It was written several months ago, when there wasn’t much available elsewhere.
  • Not everybody reading the blog is doing so as a result of a Google search.
  • Some people read the original post a year before and were grateful for an update.
  • One reason it’s easy to find other stuff now is because posts like this link to it and so raise it in the page rank.
  • I have absolutely no interest in buying eBook texts from Sony… nor do most of my friends

I could list several more reasons but that should raise your consciousness level a bit.

As for your question, fortunately, there’s so much information out there on the internet that posting a response would be superfluous, even assuming your tone had made me feel benevolent…


Thanks for posting this info regarding e-books on the Sony E-reader. Now that Sony has upgraded their reader to the PRS-700BC has anything changed in the way this software connection interacts with Mac OS 10.5.4? And is there anything you can add that would make your instructions a bit simpler for non-tech users? Thanks for the tips.

Hi Rich –

Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t help there – not having tried the 700. Any thoughts, anybody?

I need to revisit my instructions sometime soon because quite a lot of things have changed. Will post a new version when I get a chance!

All the best,

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