Daily Archives:November 14th, 2001


I was walking into town today, talking on my mobile using an earpiece. On the rare occasions when I do this I wave the phone visibly in front of me just so passers-by know I’m not actually mad, in much the same way that I prominently hold up high any small items I may be carrying around stores to make it clear to any undercover security guards that I’m not about to slip them into my pocket and make a dash for it.

Despite the fact that I occasionally use these headsets myself, I still haven’t got used to others using them. I often find myself feeling benevolent towards somebody who seems to be suffering from a mild case of care in the community before realising that they’re probably high-flying executives (closing some multi-million-dollar deal) whose very batteries I am unworthy to recharge.

But the earpieces seem to be much less in vogue these days, so if you want a new way to make people think you’re mildly dotty, you might like to try this.

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