Daily Archives:January 27th, 2003

As Linux Nips at Microsoft, Its Advocates Talk Numbers

[Original Link] The thrust of this article, despite the title, is that Linux is causing more problems for traditional Unix vendors at present than for Microsoft. Interestingly, however, the largest Unix vendor is now Apple, and is perhaps the only one winning converts from Linux.

Why the net won’t dampen record sales

[Original Link] Victor Keegan’s article compares music to water. Eh? Have a read… (Thanks to JenWeb for the link)

What’s the (Power)point?

A year ago I wrote about Tom Stewart’s old Fortune article “Friends don’t let their friends use PowerPoint” (now on the Business 2.0 site). John Naughton’s recent column has brought to light several other good commentaries on the phenomenon. In particular Julia Keller’s piece from the Chicago Tribune is highly recommended.

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