Editing GNOME2 Menus in Red Hat Linux 8.0

[Original Link] RedHat 8 is a nice version of Linux. It’s good to have antialiased fonts, OpenOffice & Evolution installed as standard, and it even detected the graphics card and monitor correctly on one of the two machines I installed it on. 50% is a better hit rate than I’ve had in the past.

I even quite like the way they’ve tried to merge Gnome and KDE so you hardly know which one you’re using. But it does mean there’s a lot of confusion about how to configure certain aspects of the User Interface. Should I be using KDE tools, Gnome tools, or some RedHat special thing which tries to configure both?

What seems to be lacking, unless I’ve missed it somewhere, is any way to add and remove items from the main system menu. This is a major failing, but Michael Knepher tells you how to do it with a text editor. A useful article, which shows there’s quite a sophisticated system underneath now. And what’s wrong with emacs? We wouldn’t want to let ordinary users customize their own desktops, would we…?

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