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[Original Link] From Dan Gillmor’s blog:

Wikipedia Shows Power of Cooperation
Sometime in the next few days or weeks, one of the world’s most comprehensive online reference sites will publish its 200,000th article….
Wikipedia, an encyclopedia created and operated by volunteers, is one of the most fascinating developments of the Digital Age. In just over three years of existence, it has become a valuable resource and an example of how the grass roots in today’s interconnected world can do extraordinary things.

I agree. I’m a great fan of Wikipedia and have often found answers to questions there.


A 1 GB microdrive costs around £300. Apple’s new iPod Mini, which contains a 4 GB microdrive, costs around £140. There are rumours of people buying iPods, taking the microdrive and dumping the rest. Can’t be true, can it?

Sir Bill

[Original Link] John Naughton’s article in the Times on Bill Gates’ knighthood.

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