wget for Mac OS X

Update: I’ve posted a new, updated version of wget for OS X which you may want to try instead.

If you want to grab files from the web using the command line, the wget utility is great.

Recent versions of Mac OS X don’t include it. They come with curl instead, which has some good features, but is also missing a great deal.

Here’s wget.zip, which contains wget built for Mac OS X 10.3.
Hope someone finds it useful!

Update: If you like this, you might also like my mtr for Mac OS X, or be interested in lots of other Apple-related stuff here.

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Will wget binary work for Tiger? (I’m a first-day Mac user…. long time Linux user.)


Thank you so much for this. I was going to use the Darwin port version but I didn’t want to have to install anything else on my clean(ish) OS X 10.4.7 system – this worked a treat.

Thanks for making my life much easier!


thanks for the great information. Can you point me to lateste binary release of wget for Mac?

Thanks in advance,


Thanks! I needed this for a CS project and I didn’t want to have to run it on our university’s crappy Ubuntu server.


Excellent, I usually needed to install Dev Tools to compile, much better with a precomiled binary. Curl blows. Ex.
curl -C – -O url/filename.dmg
wget url/filename.dmg

Running 10.4.7 on an intel iMAC, and worked wonders. I did have to look at the comments for the appropriate place – maybe update the readme eventually. Works wonders, thanks!

Here’s a better way to build it:

./configure –prefix=/opt/local –infodir=/opt/local/share/info –mandir=/opt/local/share/man –with-ssl
sudo make install

/usr/local/bin is not normally in your PATH

Thanks, Dan. But /opt/local isn’t normally in your path either, unless you’re using MacPorts or similar. In wich case you probably wouldn’t need this package!

Thank you very much for your wget binary. Your binary worked fine on my PPC Mac with Tiger, with one small glitch. I use the programming language J (a modern dialect of APL) http://www.jsoftware.com/ and /usr/local/bin was not in the PATH for J to access, so a unix expert of the J community was able to tell me how to alter /etc/profile to get wget on the PATH by adding the following paragraph to /etc/profile as follows:

## brian added /usr/local/bin for wget start 1/9/7 12:51
## Do not remove the previous line
if [ `whoami` != “root” ]
export PATH
## Do not remove the next line
## brian added /usr/local/bin for wget end 1/9/7 12:51

Appreciation from Tokyo! Went to compile it to find the dev kit not installed on the new mac. You are a life saver.

Much appreciated from Oslo, Norway, thanks!

The wget package was very useful, tanks millions.

I just posted an updated version of this on my blog, based on your work as well as the work done by a couple of others. The new version was compiled on OS X 10.4.9, on an intel-based MacBook.

Thanks for this. I had to use OS X at work, and curl -r doesn’t do what I wanted 🙁 wget rules!

Perferct! Thnx a lot for this neat util.

Thanks – very useful to find your site after a quick google. thought I was going to have to do the whole fink thing to get wget.

And another thanks. such a simple but essential tool…how did i manage without it on my mac for so long??

AWESOME! Thanks so much for putting this out there.

спасибо за wget ! может у кого-то trafshow есть под mac os tiget ?

thanks! you helped me out in a pinch. 🙂 didn’t feel like downloading and satisfying all of those darned dependencies just not.

Confirmed, works great with Leopard 10.5.1


I use 10.4.11 and following terminal commands worked for me without recompiling or configuring.

Placed unpacked folder in homefolder

cd wget
sudo su root (enter password)
mv wget.1 /usr/share/man/man1
mv wgetrc /usr/local/etc
mv wget /opt/local/bin/wget

After 3 years i still come back here after every install to download the wget binary THANKS!!!

yes I want to know what should I type in the terminal to download what I want e.g. youtube videos.

can you tell me how to install it properly because I read the read me & when I created


I copied also the other files in the location where they are suppose to be but it didn’t work can you tell me exactly how to install it properly & how to use it to download youtube videos.


Its great if some people generate binaries.

Thanks man, I really appreciate the time you took to compile it, and post this! Way to go!

Thanks very much for offering wget, why it is not included by default is a mystery!

Thanks for the heads up!! Really useful information.

i also thank you from the bottom of my heart! 6 hours saved 🙂

Older version worked fine for 10.3.9 — Thanks

awesome, thanks!

Thanks so much. This still works on 10.4, whereas the newer one doesn’t.

Thank you very much – this makes life much easier!

r u sure that wget was ever part of mac osx…according to my recent post and comments on stackoverflow, it never was a part of mac osx….curious.

Thank you very much! On the road of gcc building on old PPC mac you’ve made on step a bit simpler (:

Hi, it seems the wget.zip is no longer available?

    Hi Jaideep –

    Yes, but note the message at the top of the post; there is a more recent one! (It’s only 12 years old rather than 15!). I’ve just tested it, though, and it doesn’t work on my Big Sur machine, though I think it’ll still work on older OSes.

    Today, however, I’d recommend using HomeBrew for installing such things.

    All the best,


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