Daily Archives:September 13th, 2005

Curved Space

I know Einstein had a stab at this, but I’m starting to make my own deductions about the non-linearity of space-time. It turns out that walking distance, for example, is dependent on the nature of the environment in which you’re walking.

Strap a rucksack and some walking boots on me, and point me at the open road, and I’ll happily walk fifteen miles. Put me in an art museum, on the other hand, and, though I’ll enjoy the experience almost as much, I’ll want to sit down after a few rooms. Thus we can deduce that Museum Miles are longer than Hiking Miles.

On Saturday I was at IBC – the huge International Broadcasting Convention – at the RAI convention centre in Amsterdam. It was interesting, but I came away absolutely exhausted. Which reminded me of a fact I’d long forgotten: that Trade Show Miles are the longest of all.

Chateau Naughton

Another lovely photo on John’s blog.

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