Daily Archives:December 22nd, 2005

Ring In the New Year

Quentin at Newnham

Today was my last day consulting for my old company Newnham Research. Over the last six months I’ve been doing some work for them, some for Exbiblio, some for Cambridge Research Systems, and one or two others. It’s been fascinating, but exhausting!

In January, however, I’m going back to Ndiyo, the non-profit that my friend Martin and I started just over three years ago. Ndiyo exists to promote a model of network computing which is more environmentally friendly, more reliable and maintainable, more affordable and generally more sustainable for the world than the traditional PC network. We find that the vision really captures people’s hearts and minds, and our trials show that it can really work in the real world, too.

I’m looking forward to getting back into it again.

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