Daily Archives:April 13th, 2006

In case you’ve missed it… Google Calendar

Google’s latest attempt to show that the only thing you need on your desktop is a web browser has now gone live here. It’s nice, too, as long as you’re using one of the supported browsers.

Mac users will need to pick something other than Safari. On the other hand, they can use the addresses listed under ‘calendar details’ to subscribe to Google calendars using iCal.


UK readers might be interested in this new offer from the Carphone Warehouse. It’s not anything new technically, but it’s an interesting, and appealing, way of billing for connectivity.

Basically, for £21/month, you get a phone line, all your national phone calls, most of your international phone calls, and broadband. I’m quite tempted to use it to replace my second phone line with something that will give me a backup broadband connection.

Anyone know a good router that will failover automatically when one network goes down?

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