The nice thing about standards…

…is that there are so many to choose from. Especially when it comes to Linux distributions.

Here’s a nice timeline & family tree of distributions, which makes one realise how hard the decision could be for somebody starting Linux from scratch. And this isn’t complete, by any means.

My own favourite at present is Ubuntu, because it has a clean minimalism to it and I don’t care whether or not my desktop looks like Windows. Novell’s new SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is very slick and probably worth paying the $50 over the openSUSE version. Interestingly, where many distros have copied features from Windows in the past, SLED, as it’s known, is now copying more from the Mac.
Fedora goes from strength to strength too, and is a solid, standard option, though less exciting. You see, even I am undecided…

Here’s a slightly scaled-down version of the image, for those who don’t havce a shiny new 1920×1200 monitor like me, hee hee…

Linux tree

This is, of course, a fork of the original image…

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