Apple toys

Well, Steve Jobs’ MacWorld keynote seems to have lived up to a lot of the hype, with two key announcements:

  • the AppleTV box – which lets you stream content from your Mac over the network to your TV but also has a built-in hard disk which will sync with iTunes automatically. To make the streaming work better, it supports 802.11n, and there’s a new
    Airport Base Station to help take advantage of it. Only the very latest Macs can manage 802.11n, though – my MacBook Pro is an early one, for example, and doesn’t – those based on the Core 2 processors can. But since I’m usually plugged into ethernet at home I’m not worried.
  • The iPhone. Yes, it’s here, and it looks like a glorious device. Well, almost here. You need to be patient, because it won’t be out until June in the US and closer to the end of the year in Europe.

    It has wifi, it has a camera, it has almost no buttons and a very sexy touchscreen interface. It runs a version of Mac OS X. Wish it had 3G, but it has everything else, and might just have to be my Christmas present for next year…


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