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One ring to find them?

I think I’ve lost my UK mobile. It may be in the back of a cab somewhere, or under a plane seat, or lying in a Wellington gutter. Anyway, I can’t find it. (So friends and family should note that it is not a good way to contact me at present!)

Normally, you have a good chance of finding mobiles simply by calling them. But this one is switched off, or the battery is dead; I just go straight through to my voicemail.

I want a way to switch it on remotely. Perhaps a phone could wake up every half hour, check for any messages, and if you had sent it a special text it would respond in some way – emailing you what it could deduce about its position, for example, and staying on for a while so you could call it.

The frustrating thing is not knowing whether it’s here in my hotel room somewhere, or hundreds of miles away in Auckland airport, or lurking under some Wellington restaurant table… I may never know.

The fishing-boat-bobbing sea

A couple more shots of the boat used as the Venture in Peter Jackson’s King Kong. I wasn’t a huge fan of the film, but the boat made for interesting arty photographs.

2007-05-08_05-40-08 (1).jpg


Most of the rust was painted on for the film, by the way.


And now for some lights on the Wellington waterfront:


2007-05-08_05-53-38 - Version 2.jpg

Lies, damned lies, and…

I’ve long admired Hans Rosling’s TED talk; a wonderful demonstration of the importance of being able to visualise data.

Hans is from Sweden, I’m from the UK, but we met tonight in New Zealand. And he’s just as nice as you would suppose from the video.

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