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The fishing-boat-bobbing sea

A couple more shots of the boat used as the Venture in Peter Jackson’s King Kong. I wasn’t a huge fan of the film, but the boat made for interesting arty photographs.

2007-05-08_05-40-08 (1).jpg


Most of the rust was painted on for the film, by the way.


And now for some lights on the Wellington waterfront:


2007-05-08_05-53-38 - Version 2.jpg

Lies, damned lies, and…

I’ve long admired Hans Rosling’s TED talk; a wonderful demonstration of the importance of being able to visualise data.

Hans is from Sweden, I’m from the UK, but we met tonight in New Zealand. And he’s just as nice as you would suppose from the video.

Movie moments

There are some really beautiful woods just outside Wellington.


I was on a tour visiting some of the sites used in filming the Lord of the Rings movies.
Fans should picture Frodo yelling “Get off the road!”:

Get off the road!

or me saying “Ooof! I think I broke something!”:

I think I broke something

Mmm. One of the good things about being on the far side of the world is that you don’t have to endure your friends’ pitying looks.

Others won’t have a clue what I’m talking about and should just enjoy the views of Wellington scenery:


Or this fine bust of Arthur Wellesley looking out over the city that bears his name:


This is Weta Workshop, where much of the LOTR magic was created:

Weta workshop

And the boat used in King Kong:


Plus ça change…?

I’m in Wellington, New Zealand, where I arrived yesterday after about 22 hours of flights and airports. And that was from Seattle – already quite a distance from home.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, Tony Blair is congratulating Nick Sarkozy. In French. Pretty good French, too, in so far as I’m a judge. Certainly better than Margaret Thatcher’s.

The fact that I can watch it, comment on it, even rebroadcast it from my hotel room in New Zealand also says a lot about how the world has changed since Maggie’s time.

Leaving the country

John thinks he’s worked out why I’m departing tomorrow!



Michael blogged recently about MacFUSE, which lets you mount SSH-accessible servers as file shares on your Mac. It’s very handy.

And now it has a prettier front-end, in the form of MacFusion.

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