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Spell with Flickr

John & Brian found a very nice little web app. You give it a word and it spells it out using letters from Flickr.

s T A T has a missing button U S Q

You can insert Javascript in your own page, if you like, then you’ll get something different on every reload:

T-mobile @Home

Good David Pogue style:

Man, oh man. How’d you like to have been a PR person making a cellphone announcement last week, just as the iPhone storm struck? You’d have had all the impact of a gnat in a hurricane.

But hard to believe though it may be, T-Mobile did make an announcement last week. And even harder to believe, its new product may be as game-changing as Apple’s.

For a modest extra charge on your cellphone bill, you can make free wifi-connected calls from any wifi network – including T-mobile hotspots, and also from a router they provide for your home. There are only a couple of phones currently offered, but they can hand off seamlessly from wifi network to GSM and vice-versa.

BT and others have played in the past with mobile phones which could, alternatively, use DECT when they are in your house, and many smartphones are now capable of making voice calls over wifi, but there’s nothing as elegant as this, if it works as advertised.

US only at present. Definitely worth watching.

Here’s the full article.

Interesting fact of the day

UK online advertising grew 46% in 2006 – making us one of the biggest users of the medium. In 2007, more than half of the online advertising spend in western Europe will be in the UK. And if you look at online advertising as a proportion of our total spend, we are way ahead of anyone else including the US.

Source: ZDnet/BusinessWire

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