Nice shot – I wonder when the County Council will finally remove the motorway lamp standards which were fitted when it was repaved.

Yes, aren’t they awful? They could at least be painted black. Maybe they’ll be fixed next time it’s repaved 🙂

Fortunately, you can’t really see them here.

Hi Quentin,
Nice pic. I didn’t realise you are a fan of the Richardson Candles! Nor did I realise I was, until I found out that they are under threat. It has been decided in principle to remove the lights once a suitable replacement can be found… which it can’t so far.

I started a thread on cam.misc recently, and I was contacted by Simon Cornwell who has updated his website with the Cambridge lights. I hope that a realistic approach to the Council for the renovation and restoration of these lights will enable their retention. This will require funding of course….

Simon’s website: http://www.simoncornwell.com/lighting/install/cambridge/rc/index.htm

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