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I have a cat, which I think I can now let out of the bag.

DisplayLink (who, quite rightly, seem to be the darling of CES at present) have started demonstrating the Mac support for their video-over-USB technology.

I’ve been using it for a few months, and while the performance isn’t up to that of the Windows drivers yet, it’s quite usable. Here’s a photo I took in September of my 4-screen MacBook Pro setup.

MBP running DisplayLink

You’ll notice that the DVI connector is not in use in this shot. Normally, at present, I’m using one DVI screen and one USB screen, giving three screens in all.

As we’ve always said, pixels are like broadband – they’re addictive. Once you’ve had them, you don’t want to give them up. A friend pointed out that this makes complete sense – displays are the network between your computer and your brain, so having a lot more of them really is like upgrading to a broadband connection.

And no, before anyone asks, I’m not sure when the Mac drivers will be generally available!

Congratulations to Patrick et al…

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