Adieu? Or Adeona?

What are the chances of getting your laptop back if it’s stolen? Pretty slim, probably. But you can at least improve the odds.

There are various utilities out there which, when installed on your machine, will call home from time to time. If somebody steals your machine and connects it to a network, you can then use information from these connections to help track it down.

I’ve created various home-brewed versions of these in the past but I guess a perfect utility would be:

  • not dependent on any one company
  • usable on multiple platforms
  • secure
  • open source
  • free

Ah! That would be Adeona you’d be wantin’, so it would.

More info here.

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Not so slim at all if you use Orbicule’s Undercover:
Disclaimer, Peter Schols the developer is a friend of mine, nevertheless impressive stats I would say.

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