Connected in Kent

Hap snapped this picture of Rose and me in Tonbridge Castle car park last weekend trying to find somewhere to stay for the night (using a combination of an OS map and a wifi connection to my phone).

I was successful in finding places, but not ones with any spare rooms at such short notice. At least, not before my phone’s battery ran out. It was tired after a long day of being my SatNav.

Incidentally, Quentin’s theory of technological linguistics says that a technology is truly pervasive when you no longer capitalise it. How would you write ‘satnav’?

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> How would you write ’satnav’?


We americans do love our acronyms!

Ah, but a GPS doesn’t necessarily provide any navigation features. I have a GPS logger which doesn’t even have a display…

Dunno about writing SatNav but it looks like you could do with a gadget that helps with parking within the white lines, Quentin 😉

Ha! That’s just my laid-back weekend-away parking.

During the working week, I’m a paragon of parking virtue…

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