Daily Archives:October 4th, 2008

Krakow dawn

Rose in Krakow

Rose at Krakow castle. I’ll post another picture or two over the next couple of days, but you can see more of Krakow here if you’re feeling keen.

Ubuntu Netboot installation

If you have an existing Linux machine (already running GRUB) and you want to install a fresh version of Ubuntu on it, this page may be handy. All you need to do is download a kernel and an initrd file, reboot and issue a couple of GRUB command lines, and you can install everything else over the network from the Ubuntu repositories.

I’ve just got a new hosted server which came with 6.06 installed, and I wanted to wipe it and start with a clean 8.04. This was a very quick and easy way to do it, especially since I didn’t have easy access to the machine’s CD/DVD drive.

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