Daily Archives:December 11th, 2008


A few months back I wrote about the importance of Google’s new support for CalDav, which allows you to edit and share your Google calendars in apps such as Apple’s iCal. At Camvine, since then, we’ve been managing our company calendars that way, and it’s worked very nicely, though it took a couple of minutes to set up iCal on each new machine because you had to enter complex URLs.

Now, I discover, there’s a utility called Calaboration to do it for you; much more convenient.

If you’re an iPhone/iTouch user… you can sync the calendars to the iPhone but it’s one-way only – you can’ t update them from there using the standard iPhone calendar app. However, you can of course use the web browser on the phone, which works quite nicely, or a third-party calendar utility like SaiSuke.

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