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Thought for the day

We spend the first bit of our lives wishing we were older, and the remainder wishing we were younger.

For men, the changeover probably happens around the mid-thirties. For women, in the mid-twenties.

There’s probably an excellent evolutionary explanation based around attractiveness to the opposite sex and peak reproductive performance…

i Play

The BBC’s iPlayer is a truly wonderful thing, as I have mentioned before.

In general, the content is only available in the UK, in the same way that Hulu is only in the US, but it gives those of us who pay a BBC licence fee access to everything on the Beeb’s now numerous channels from the last week. And with the iPlayer Download options, you can download it to your machine and watch it for up to 30 days. This used to involve a Windows-only binary, but now you can click a link to be an iPlayer Labs tester and iPlayer items will automatically gain a ‘download’ option, which makes use of an Adobe Air-based application, meaning that it works on Macs and Linux too.

I’ve only just discovered this download facility, though. Before that, on our recent trip to Paris, I was surprised to discover that the free wifi in our little hotel was attached to rather a good internet connection. I logged into my home Linux machine and did a little magic which allowed me to persuade iPlayer that I was still in the UK, and we had some happy evenings watching very high quality content, including episodes we might otherwise have missed of the rather fun ghost story Crooked House.

Catch, or download, the omnibus edition while it’s still there…

As an aside, I’m interested to note that the vast majority of people visiting Status-Q are Mac users – over 80% – which is probably because I post quite a bit about Mac software, and partly, no doubt, because of the intelligence of the readership with which I am blessed 🙂 Of the Windows users, though, three-quarters are using Chrome, a few using Opera, a very few on Firefox, and Internet Explorer users are too few for any statistics to be significant. Interesting. It may indicate that more of you are reading at home than at work, perhaps…

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