A fire may have been Kindled

As an experiment, I’ve just read a whole Kindle book on my iPod Touch. And, rather unexpectedly, I went straight back and ordered another.

It’s not that the reading experience is the best in the world… though it’s not at all bad. The benefit I hadn’t predicted came from my always having my iPod in my pocket, and therefore always having good reading matter in my pocket. Even in the loo.

It’s a library that’s smaller than any single book I own.

And it’s a book that always opens up at the place where you left off. Useful if you just want to read a few sentences while waiting for the train.

And it’s a book that you don’t need to have the light on to read. Useful if you wake up earlier than your partner.

All these factors meant that I probably got through the book rather faster on my iTouch than I would have on a proper Kindle.

Or on paper.

Not what I expected.

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