Wafa Sultan: Why I left Islam

Brave words, that need to be said.

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it’s her choice. the society that she used to live in as a muslim woman is surely difficult. but those are the people who make Islam look like a very bad religion. Islam means peace not terrorism. she has to understand this. apperantly education didn’t give her anything but blinkers. The main problem in Islam countries – exept Turkey – is living islam as traditional belief rather than understanding and reading. this lady obviously does not understand what she reads or she didn’t read the Holy Quran. a typical american lover arab!

one more thing, I have been to syria and that country is nothing like as it’s told us. you’ve got to see and than make comment. the accusations she made about Prophet Mohammad (s.a.v.) are not acceptable. she is dreaming. pitty on you who believes what she tells.

You can not make any further comments because you do not have the necessary knowledge to make! First read the Holy Quran and than make comments.

    Actually, I have read quite large chunks of the Quran, and that is what convinced me that Islam is not primarily about peace. However, it is the actions of those involved in such cases – presumably educated Muslim men – and the effect that they had on her and her family, that is the more convincing argument about the true nature of Islam.

    My previous point stands, though – I don’t really need to make any comments. The video and the other comments posted here are sufficiently enlightening, and you can feel free to dismiss all of my comments if wanted. The evidence should still be clear enough.

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