Daily Archives:December 24th, 2011

Parliamentary Observer

Some rather fine owls have taken up residence for the winter in one of my regular dog-walking spots. They’re quite beautiful, and totally silent, unlike the pheasants that Tilly usually flushes out from the undergrowth!

I normally only see them in the evenings, when there isn’t enough light for photos. This morning, though, this chap popped up and I had a camera with me.

I didn’t have a very long lens, though, so even these are drastically cropped from the originals. Sometimes, a significant number of megapixels does make a difference!

There are at least three owls here – Short-eared owls, I think. I’ve seen three of them at once before, though other passers-by have told me they think there are five or more. Obviously a sociable set.

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