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Serendipity as a plugin widget

It would be terribly presumptuous to think that my readers, not satisfied with whatever I might burble about today, might want to go on to explore the Status-Q archives…

However, the fact remains that there are over 2200 posts here now, and I certainly can’t remember everything I’ve written, so it’s fun for me, at least, to browse a bit. The ‘related posts’ at the bottom of each entry’s page often pop up things I’d completely forgotten, but now I’ve added a ‘From the archive’ box on the right: a completely random selection of five posts from the last decade, updated every few minutes.

Go on – have a browse. Whatever you find is bound to be more interesting than what you’re reading now!

The Business of Bond

John Gruber points out this very nice visualisation comparing the budgets and box-office returns of the different Bond movies.

Make sure you check the ‘adjust for inflation’ switch.

We’ve always rather liked Timothy Dalton, who is a Real Actor, but it’s clear that the public in general didn’t share our enthusiasm, perhaps for him or perhaps for the plots of those movies, which only gave a four- or five-fold return on investment. Still pretty good when compared with your average savings account, but Diamonds are Forever paid back its investors sixteen times over. Ah well, watch his excellent Mr Rochester in the best production of Jane Eyre, instead…

This is also a fine example of the kind of web design that would have been inconceivable without Flash not long ago…

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