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Heat from the clouds

A few years back I wrote about how I thought home computing power and heating systems should be combined, to make good use of excess heat from CPUs in the winter, or to provide efficient cooling for them from building-scale aircon systems in the summer.

nerdalizeMy friend Ray sent me a link to this article about Nerdalize – a Dutch company who provide something that looks like a radiator, to heat your home, and is actually a server on which they sell computing capacity to others.

I’m not sure whether they can make this work at scale, but it’s an intriguing idea, especially in a country like the Netherlands where fibre-to-the-home is more readily available than here. It saves you building expensive data centres, but also makes for great reliability, I imagine, at least in the aggregate, since your overall network is not dependent on small numbers of power supplies, network connections or geographic locations.

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