Here’s a question, O Internet:

If I buy full-fat milk and dilute it 50/50 with water, do I effectively have semi-skimmed milk, or is there something more sophisticated about the skimming process?

And if I then dilute it again, do I get skimmed milk… for one quarter of the price?

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Skimming only reduces the fat content, it leaves the proteins and other soluble milk components. So you can dilute whole milk with skimmed milk to get semi-skim, but if you dilute it with water you just get weak flavorless milky water. While checking my recollection of the process I came across this amazing chart: LINK

I wonder how many of these I can have with my breakfast today?

Isn’t it more about the fat content (5%, 2%, etc)? I think to get skimmed milk you have to take full-fat milk and just lose some of the fat, not simply dilute it, or ou just get watery milk

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