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Climbing the rigging of the Ship of the Fens


Ely Cathedral is an amazing place – most of the structure being an outstanding feat of engineering nearly a thousand years old.


I’ve been visiting it for about the last thirty, but not until a couple of weeks ago did I go on one of the tours that let you see behind the scenes. Or ‘above the scenes’, really; you go right up into the octagon. You see those paintings of angels at the top of the picture above? Here they are a little closer:


And here’s the view if you look down:


The lead on the roof outside is also rather pleasing.


And behind the decorations, millennium-old tree trunks hold it together.


Lots of good launching points for birds.


This clock is high up on the western tower – normally only seen from a couple of hundred feet below!


And stained glass, I always think, is best enjoyed close-up.


Definitely recommended if you get the chance. More information about the tours can be found here.


Cathedrals in the mist

We had dinner in Ely tonight and walked around the cathedral afterwards in a wonderful, autumnal mist. I only had my little pocket camera with me, but got a nice photo or two by doing things like setting the timer and using Hap’s hat as a tripod (which works better when he isn’t wearing it, by the way).

A couple of others here.

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