Daily Archives:October 2nd, 2001


OK, I guess I’m just a bit slow, but I’ve suddenly discovered an area of computing that I’d never come across and which had never occurred to me before… Did you know that, as well as a Flight Simulator, Microsoft also sell a Train Simulator? And that Hornby not only sell model railways, but virtual ones as well? Wow, there’s a whole page full of similar software here!

Any serious anorak-wearers will be wondering, no doubt, which planet I’ve been on for the last few years, but somehow I had managed to miss these. They seem a bit sad and yet rather fun at the same time. Good Christmas presents, I guess, for the right person, and think of all that attic space you could save….


I was sad when the U.S wireless network Ricochet was shut down a few months ago. It offered quite a good service to the insufficient number of people who subscribed. Still, if you’re in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings, wondering where it all went wrong and why you bothered, then you can’t get a much better finale to raise your spirits than this story.

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