Daily Archives:February 25th, 2002


Last summer Rose and I took up a new hobby: horse-riding. I’d sat on a horse many times in the past, but always as a passenger rather than a driver! We got hooked, and we’ve been going once a week ever since. I wish we could ride more often.

I was trying to work out quite why I enjoy it so much, and I think it’s largely that it’s so different from anything else I do. Much of my time I spend working with machines, which generally behave in a fairly predictable and repeatable way. My car isn’t sluggish about changing into third gear just because it didn’t get a good night’s sleep. But on the other hand, it doesn’t rub affectionately against me either.

Another factor is that I spend so much time trying to predict, invent and plan for the future that it’s fun to pursue an activity which is shamelessly wallowing in the past. Good for preserving one’s sense of balance (in more ways than one).

Recommended for geeks everywhere.


A bit more hacking, and this page now displays the number of comments to each message (for those that have any). It also emails me when a new comment is posted. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually expect many people will want to write anything here; I’m doing this because integrating the client-based Radio and the server-based PHP is quite a fun experiment.

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