Daily Archives:February 21st, 2002


There’s a new Comments feature for Radio Userland. This is basic, but very cute and very easy to use. I’ve enabled it as an experiment. Now, if you should so desire, you can leave comments on Status-Q!

I don’t think, in this incarnation, that it’s obvious when people have done so. That’s not quite so easy to implement especially when, as on this site, the main pages live on one server (mine) and the comments on another (Userland’s). Fixing that could be a real test of Web Services!


Here’s how to do the CSS thing whole-heartedly:”This is the official accessibility statement for diveintomark.org“. Well done, Mark – that takes some dedication.


Mmm. So much for pushing the envelope. Two late nights of hacking and I’m still fiddling with my experimental CSS layout. Not only have I failed to get it exactly how I want it, but I’ve also failed to get it even close enough to this to replace what I’ve got at present. Getting a reliable sidebar on the right margin is most of the problem.

Now, I could certainly change my formatting to make it easier to do in CSS, but that seems to defeat the object. CSS is supposed to give you more flexibility, not less. And it does so, but I can’t make it do so reliably across more than one browser.

So I’ll keep playing, but for now, the basic formatting here is CSS but the layout stays as tables. There’s lots of tasteful CSS layout here to divert your attention…

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