OK, in the great CSS debate that’s going on in the blogging world at the moment, I’m definitely on the pro-CSS side. I’ve used it in a half-hearted way for some time, but as Mark Pilgrim says,

“…weblogs are the perfect breeding ground for CSS. Here we’re working in our free time, free of all the usual commercial pressures…. We can afford to draw a line in the sand, push the envelope a little, move the web forward. It’s time.”

I agree. After all, it’s nearly 4 years now since CSS2 became a W3 recommendation. 4 years! And that’s the second version. When CSS1 was approved the web was only half its current age.

I converted this site to be largely CSS-based a few days back, but it’s still heavily reliant on tables. The finer points of CSS layout are something I haven’t played with much yet, but I’m about to try, so if the site looks a little weird for the next couple of days, please be patient. I’m just drawing a line in the sand (from 0,0 to 10px, 100px), pushing the envelope (to the right margin) and moving the web forward by a pixel or two..

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