Daily Archives:August 22nd, 2002

Andreas Pour on KDE

[Original Link] A very interesting and important interview cited recently on Slashdot. Nominally about KDE, it covers much larger issues in a compelling and powerful way:.

“…We are steadily heading to a future in which the control of humanity’s intellectual property – works of art, multimedia, ideas, writings, etc. – is so vested in software vendor(s) that it is fair to say that the average user of a proprietary desktop will eventually no longer “own”, in the traditional sense of the word, his or her own electronic creations. In other words, the products of our creative minds, the very essence of our humanity, are being relentlessly stripped from us.

If you use a proprietary OS to make a video or audio track, or to write a research paper, and save it in one of the default proprietary electronic data formats, you might soon find yourself actually paying someone else run-time and/or license renewal fees just to access your own creations. Not to mention any charges that may apply to distributing copies to others (whether directly or because the recipient must also pay similar runtime or recurring fees to access the data). You tell me, when you have to pay one particular vendor money every time you or someone else views a movie you created, who owns the movie? …”

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