Daily Archives:November 17th, 2002


There’s a story, which may or may not be true, about a caller to a computer helpline saying,
“I deleted a file from my PC last week and I have just realised that I need it. If I turn my system clock back two weeks will I have my file back again?”.

And why not? That’s rather a good idea for a system design…

Very funny, Mr Bond

An article about the 007 phemonenon, reprinted from the New Yorker in today’s Sunday Telegraph has some nice thoughts.

“…Dr No fails, just as Hugo Draz, Emilio Largo, Ernst Stavro Blofeld and all the other nincompoops fail, largely because of their tendency, when at home in their lairs, to avoid the normal practice known as walking and instead cover extremely short distances by monorail.”

“The most worrying aspect of the Brosnan era is that, while GoldenEye took $350m at the box office, the computer game of the same story made even more. How the implications of that success will feed back into future films, one shudders to imagine.”

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