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Mitch gets misrepresented

[Original Link] While not wanting to compare myself in any way with Mitch Kapor (!), this has happened all too often to me, in minor ways, so I can understand his sentiments:

“… Journalistic misrepresentation like this is fairly common. CNET also got it wrong, something I wrote about early on in this weblog. I used to get really angry when this happened. Lately, I feel more half-irritated, half-amused by life’s foibles. Journalists taking the easy way out is a fact of life I’m not going to have much impact on.

In hindsight, I think it was naive of me to believe in the assurances I was given. . I’ll bear it in mind in the future and pick my interview spots more carefully.

Finally, it’s fortunate that a weblog is a wonderful, alternate, and complementary forum in which to speak directly, thus by-passing the intermediation of formal media. “

Upside down maps

[Original Link] Thanks to Adam Curry for the link.

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